Bhatta Falls

Bhatta Falls is one of the most visited tourist attractions near Mussoorie. It is cocooned in a quaint hamlet called Bhatta village, en-route Mussoorie. Its proximity to Dehradun makes it a popular weekend destination to visit. The area around this fall is serene and comely, but the roads being mountainous are a little dusty. There is no transport facility up to Bhatta Falls and one has to hike or take their own vehicle to reach here.

Upon reaching here, you will witness the breathtaking beauty of the Bhatta Fall. This grandiose waterfall drops from a height of 30 feet above ground level. The sudden gush of water of this fall bounces on the terrains and tumbles down to form a freshwater icy pool. It is a frothy waterfall near Mussoorie.

Bhatta Fall mussoorie

Bhatta Falls Overview:

Timings:8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Entry Fee:Free
Facilities:Food Stalls, Parking Facility, Changing Rooms and Locker Facility
Recommended Length of Visit:Minimum 2 hours
Famous For:Waterfall, Natural Pools, Sightseeing and Photography

Naturally formed pools:

The water of the pools formed by Bhatta falls is cold. People of all ages including kids can swim here. Other than this there is another pool located above the fall, which can be reached by taking the swift flight of stairs. This pool is a little deep and you shouldn’t allow your kids to swim here as it can be unsafe.

Bhatta Falls as a Summer Destination:

Bhatta Falls is a perfect place to chill in the summers. Here you can beat the heat by swimming in the water pool. There are multiple levels to the falls. One has to climb each level to reach the top which is the best place to take a bath. At one level, there are chairs for the tourists to sit and enjoy the views, while slurping their favourite drink.

Formerly, Bhatta Falls was a relatively undiscovered place and was hard to access even by vehicle. Since the swift roads have been laid here in recent years. The fall can be easily accessed now, which has managed to attract the attention of the tourists. Many families, couples and students visit this place for picnicking in summers.

Bhatta Falls- A major tourist place to include in your Mussoorie trip

Bhatta Falls, a naturally occurring waterfall has emerged as a popular visitor’s attraction in Mussoorie. Unlike other famous tourist places in Mussoorie, Bhatta Falls isn’t much crowded. The tranquil vistas of this fall make it a perfect place for the solitude seekers and nature lovers to find immense peace.

The place offers an opportunity for the travellers to indulge in several recreational activities. One can cool off in the pools, indulge in photography, hike to the nearby hills and enjoy sightseeing at this beautiful tourist spot. Apart from this, there is a zip line to entice the adventure bugs.

Best Time to visit Bhatta Falls:

Bhatta Falls can be best visited during the scorching summer months beginning from April to June.


There are a few eateries or hawker shops near Bhatta Falls which serve ready-to-eat food like noodles, eggs, soups, tea, coffee, cold drinks etc.

Things to remember while visiting:

  • You might not find dustbins here so carry a trash bag to collect your waste and safely dispose of at home.
  • Avoid visiting here in the evening as the roads are steep and the area isn’t safe to tread.
  • Do take your camera along as you can seize some cool shots of the imposing hills and scenery around the fall.
  • Monsoonal rain can make the waterfall swell so avoid visiting here during rainy season.

How to reach Bhatta Falls:

Bhatta Falls is strategically situated on MussoorieDehradun road, near Bhatta village. It is located at a distance of 13 km from Mussoorie Library road. One can easily reach here by bus or by their private vehicle.

On reaching Bhatta village, one has to commence a short trek to reach here or you can drive through this narrow stretch. Dehradun railway station at 16 km away is the nearest railhead. Jolly Grant airport at 40 km away is the closest air connectivity from here.