Haridwar also names as “Theerth Nagri”, is one the most holy places of Hindu religion and is situated in Uttarakhand. River ganga comes from mountain and enters in planes of Haridwar.

haridwar uttarakhand india

Why Visit :

Haridwar is the place where people from across the world visit for pilgrimage and to take a holy dip into the holy river Ganges. Haridwar is an ancient and it is one of the most sacred cities in India. The diverse nature of the Hindu religion has attracted foreign visitors from all around the world.

History :

Haridwar is mentioned as Kapilasthana  and Mayapuri in Hindu scriptures. The name kapilsthana is in the name of “Kapil Muni”. According to Hindu mythology The  Bhagiratha, the great-grandson of King Sagar whose 60000 son got died from the curse of Kapil muni, brought Ganga from heaven to earth to give his ancestor salvation. Still Hindus bring their died family members ash to Haridwar for their salvation.

Main Attractions:

Ganga Aarti:

Delve into devotion by participating in the Ganga aarti organised in the evening time here. The aarti song sung by all devotees praise the River Ganga. She is worshipped as living Goddess. Flowers and lighted earthen lamps are put on a stem cut and floated in the river water as offerings to the Goddess. You feel inner peace and calmness to be a part of all this.

Bharat Mata Mandir:

Bharat mata mandir is a religious shrine, it is founded by Swami Satyanandagiri. This temple was inaugurated by Late smt Indira Gandhi  in 1983.

Places To Visit In Haridwar:

har ki pauri peri divine haridwar uttarakhand india
mansa devi temple mandir divine haridwar uttarakhand india
patanjali yogpeeth yoga baba ramdev haridwar uttarakhand india
chandi devi mandir temple divine haridwar uttarakhand india
daksha mahadev mandir temple lord shiva divine haridwar uttarakhand india

How To Reach :

By Train:

Distance from Delhi to Haridwar railway is 220 km.

Nearest Airport:

Jolly grant airport 56 km from Haridwar.

Temperature :

During summer: 25 to 44 C
During winter: 2 to 24 C
Altitude: 250 meter

Location On Map :

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