“Switzerland of India”

Kausani is a popular hill station proudly sitting in Bageshwar district of Kumaon division. It falls in the northern state of Uttarakhand, India. Mahatma Gandhi called this place the ‘Switzerland of India’, due to the similarity in views and landscapes.

It is famous for its scenic splendor and spectacular 300 km-wide panoramic views of Himalayan peaks like Trishul, Nanda Devi and Panchchuli.

Located 53 km to the north of Almora, Kausani, is a picturesque hill station famous for its scenic splendor and its spectacular view of the Himalayas. Flanked by the rivers Kosi and Gomti, this small town sits atop the Pingnath Peak.

Visiting Kausani just once is enough for one to fall in love with this lovely hill station. The vista of the hills makes one promise himself/herself to come back again and again.

You can travel with your own car but traveling through train would be a good option too. Get a train to Kathgodam and further distance can be covered by taxi or local buses.

Kausani Tourist Attractions:

  • It sits at a height of 1890 meters above sea level. The place is a wonderful little heaven of
    • most natural and charming allures
    • sweet bird-songs
    • imposing coniferous trees
    • silent though the majestic Himalayas
    • bubbling streams and creeks and reticent valleys.
  • A wonderful destination for photography enthusiasts as well as quiet family vacationers.
  • Kausani is a place where one can witness millions of colors from morning till evening across its wide and exotic landscape.
  • Kausani is not a place for those who like happening places or malls, but for those who are looking for peace, tranquility, and solitude.
  • There is nothing to do in Kausani, except enjoying the views of the Himalayas and sunrise and sunsets. For people who would like to explore can go for a nature walk, bird watching can visit Pant museum, Anashakti ashram or Gandhi ashram, shawl factory and Tea Factory.
  • A place, popular for amazingly exquisite natural beauty, lush greenery and calming serenity, Kausani is a destination par excellence for tourists looking to spend a memorable vacation.

Places to visit in Kausani:

Baijnath Temple:

  • Baijnath is a very important and historical place in Uttarakhand. This temple is in Garuda tehsil of Bageshwar district.
  • This temple is 2 km from Garuda and 17 kilometers from Kausani on the banks of river Gomti.
  • The Baijnath temple is about 1000 years old. People say about this temple that this temple was built in just one night.
  • The center of the attraction for tourists is Shiva, Ganesh, Parvati, Chandika, Kuber and Sun Temple.
  • There are many stone-made temples in which the main temple is Lord Shiva.

Anasakti Ashram:

  • Anasakti Ashram is located in Kausani of Uttarakhand state. This Ashram is also popular as Gandhi Ashram.
  • Followers built this ashram to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi. Hence this immersive place named ‘Anasakti Ashram’ has been given the name of Mahatma ji’s immortal creation ‘Anasakti Yoga’.
  • There is a small prayer hall in the ashram where prayer is held every morning and evening.

Sumitranandan Pant Museum:

  • Sumitranandan Pant Museum is dedicated to the famous Hindi poet Sumitranandan Pant, born in Kausani.
  • Here you will find a large collection of his books in English and Hindi in glass shelves.
  • Manuscripts, literary works and their rewards given in the museum can be seen.
  • Every year, the museum organizes a poetic discussion on the occasion of Sumitranandan Pant Jayanti.

Kausani Tea Estate:

  • Kausani Tea Estate is spread over 208 hectares of land, 5 km away from Kausani. This garden is divided into 21 parts. The famous ‘Giriys Tea’ of Uttarakhand is produced here.
  • Here biological tea is also produced and this tea is exported to the United Nations, Germany, Korea and Australia.
  • Kausani Tea Estate is closed from November to March.​​​

Rudradhari Falls And Caves:

  • Rudradhari Falls is 12 kms away from Kausani. It is surrounded by paddy fields and pine forests.
  • Devotees believe that this place is related to Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Here is the temple of Someshwar, home to Lord Shiva near the waterfall.
  • Tracking in the Kailash area can be traced to the secrets of ancient caves of this place.

Some Facts About Kausani:

  • Kausani is the birthplace of popular Hindi poet Sumitra Nandan Pant, who wrote some of his memorable poems in praise of this paradise on earth.
  • In 1929, Mahatma Gandhi stayed here for 14 days at the Anasakti Ashram while scripting his book titled ‘Anasakti Yoga’. He was greatly impressed by its environs.

Best Time to Visit Kausani:

  • Kausani experiences snowfall during the months of December and January. Thus, you might avoid these two months. Or if you want to witness snowfall, this is the best time.
  • The hill resort of Kausani is a retreat in the summer months and one can visit here during April-June and September-November.

Monthly Weather:

MonthAvg. Minimum (°C)Avg. Maximum (°C)

How To Reach Kausani:

By Road

By road, Kasauni is well-connected to major cities and states of the country. Many private bus companies operate buses from New Delhi to Kasauni on daily basis. Kasauni is also well-connected to places such as Joshimath (185 km), Tehri (250 km), Gopeshwar (147 km), Almora (60 km), Ranikhet (60 km) and Jageshwar (48 km).

By Train

Kathgodam is the nearest railway station as it is located very close to the Kasauni. It is around 142 kilometers from the region. From the station, tourists can take buses and taxis to reach any destination in the region.

By Air

Naini Saini in Pithoragarh is the nearest airport to Kasauni which is around 112 km away from the center of the city. Delhi airport is at a distance of 425 km from the Kasauni.

Distances From Major cities:


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