Char Siddh Peethas in Dehradun

“Popular Local Pilgrimage Circuit in Doon”

Dehradun known for its fast-pacing city life has beautifully concealed the Char Siddha Peethas, having religious importance. This famous pilgrimage circuit in Doon is not only undertaken by the locals but people belonging to different states in the country. These holy sites have garnered the attention of many Hindu devotees who throng here for darshan.

The Four Siddha Peethas in Dehradun are known for fulfilling the wishes of their devotees. Many believe that observing a fast while visiting these four Siddha Peethas in the same day, will make their wishes come true. These name of these Chaar Siddha Peethas are Lakshman Siddh, Kalu Siddh, Manak Siddh, and Manu Siddh.

What makes these holy sites in Dehradun or Char Siddha Peethas of Dehradun special?

Embedded in the sequestered surroundings of Doon, the Char Siddh Peethas are undisturbed by the follies of humans. The quietude of this place offers mental peace and spiritual bliss, which makes the rendezvous memorable.

The legend has it that thousands of years ago many great sages and ascetics indulged in serious penance here. Devotees hailing from different states and from far-off places come to pay obeisance here.

These four temples only accept jaggery as Prasad or offering. Since these four temple sites or Chaar Siddha Peethas are located in Dehradun. They can be easily accessed within a day or so.

The Four Siddha Peeths of Dehradun at a Glance:

Lakshman Siddh Temple:

Lakshman Siddh Temple located about 12 km from Dehradun is idyllically situated on Dehradun-Rishikesh road. The temple is named after a sadhu who performed austerities here for several years.

Public transport isn’t available up to the temple. One has to hire a taxi or take their own vehicle to this place. The temple sees many visitors during Sunday.

Kalu Siddh Temple:

This famous holy place of worship is located about 7 km from Thano village, near Bhaniawala in Dehradun. The temple is seated in Thano Forest Range and is built in the memory of a Hindu saint called “Kalu Siddh”.

Since the temple is nestled near Sheetal river, which serves as a habitat to a wide variety of birds. Many avid bird watchers, photographers, and trekkers throng here to seize the beauty of nature. If you are travelling from far, you can await your stay at the Forest Rest House available here.

Manak Siddh Temple:

This famous religious attraction of Dehradun is strategically located on the Shimla Bypass road in the Badowala area of Dehradun. The temple stands isolated away from the chaos and shrills of the busy city streets.

It is a perfect place to enrapture in spirituality, as one can soak some moments of peace. This Hindu shrine is named after the saint, who engaged in a serious penance for several years, at this very place.

Madu Siddh Temple:

The small temple of Madu Siddh stands in the sequestered surroundings of Prem Nagar, which is beautifully cocooned in the midst of the dense thickets.

This sacred Hindu temple in Doon is said to fulfill the wishes of all devotees, who visit here with utmost faith. All the four temples are small and do not boast a grand architecture.

Best Time to Visit:

  • The Char Siddhas in Dehradun can be visited all around the year. Since Doon observes pleasant weather.
  • It is neither too cold nor too hot here. Any season is perfect to visit here.
  • So plan you can plan your trip to these four Siddhas, without any hassle.

How to reach the Char Siddhas in Dehradun:

One can easily reach the Char Siddha Peeths, a famous local pilgrimage in Dehradun. All the four temple sites in the pilgrim circuit of Char Siddh Peethas —

  1. Lakshman Siddh
  2. Kalu Siddh
  3. Manak Siddh
  4. And Madu Siddh are located within a 15 km radius of Dehradun.

These four temple sites are snuggled in the suburban areas of Doon, where no public transport plies. You need to book a taxi or take your own vehicle to reach here.