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Nainital Winter Carnival 2019 to kick off soon in Nainital

Good news for winter-loving peeps, as the charming “Lake City” of Nainital, is all set to host its much-awaited “2019 Nainital Winter Carnival”.

It won’t be wrong to say that winters are a festive season in Nainital. As two of the biggest winter events of Uttarakhand—Nainital Winter Carnival and Lake Festival in Bhimtal is all set to begin this December.

The carnival will bring to you an array of activities, that will bewitch the audience with the sparkling beauty of the pearlescent Naini Lake. The food festival and lake festival are also a part of this Winter Carnival.

2019 Nainital Winter Carnival Date:

This time, the fest – Nainital Winter Carnival will kick start in Nainital from December 25 and will wrap itself up on December 27. The Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board is all geared to entice the backpackers and adventure junkies to throng here in huge numbers.

Events and Activities to showcase at 2019 Winter Carnival in Nainital:

The carnival will kick start with a grand procession. Various facets of Kumaoni culture will be showcased in the colourful tableaux made by the local artists. Regional dance performances including Pandav Nritya and Chholiya dance will be given by folk artists of Kumaon.

Nature lovers must lookout for the ‘Flower Show’ which is a major attraction of the Winter Carnival. If you are a big-time foodie like me, then you should definitely check out the Food Festival to occur in the Winter Carnival.

Here you’ll get to taste the flavours of the tantalizing Kumaoni dishes, which every gourmet traveller should relish. Dishes like Bhat ki Churkani, Bhang ki Chutney, and Jhangore ki Kheer will make your mouth water, do try’em all.

Competitions to take place in 2019 Nainital Winter Carnival:

Dive below to check out the list of competitions to take place in 2019 Nainital Winter Carnival.

  • Several competitions will be held for the shutterbugs at Winter Carnival, some of which are– Stargazing photography and Astrophotography.
  • Art lovers and creative minds can spill their colours of imagination at the Aipan Art Competition, Wall Painting, and Graffiti Competition.
  • Adventure enthusiasts can take part in Marathon, Kayaking, and Trekking.
  • The request to include Star Night has also been made.
  • All the competitions will be organised by “The Pagal Gymkhana”.

Do show your fun and game spirit at the Winter Carnival. Hope you make your winter special!

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