Vasudhara Waterfall

Vasudhara Falls is a beautiful waterfall near Badrinath in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, India. It sits at an altitude of 12,000 feet on the banks of river Alaknanda.

Vasudhara Falls is surrounded by beautiful Himalayan mountain peaks. The water of this amazing fall flows down from the height of 400 feet (122 mt).

vasudhara waterfall

From a distance, the water of the fall appears like a stream of fresh milk flowing down the mountain. A bath under the falling water is very refreshing and stress buster.

View Around The Waterfall

  • The views of Vasudhara river valley during the trek are very scenic.
    • The beautiful landscapes
    • Snow covered mountains
    • Large meadows all around the trek to Vasudhara are refreshing and mind blowing.

The Mythology (Story) of Vasudhara falls

  • The fall is considered to be a divine place by locals. There is a myth among the people of nearby villages that the water of this waterfall turns away from the people who are not pure at heart.
  • Devotees believe that Pandavas had passed through Mana village, when they were on their journey to heaven.

Local Legend

According to a local legend, long ago, there was a poor Brahmin named Dirghatamas who lived near Vasudhara Falls with his family. They were very poor and sometimes didn’t have any food to eat. One day, Dirghatamas went to Badrinath to seek blessings of Lord Vishnu.

On his way, he met a cowherd who had some milk. The Brahmin asked for some milk to feed his family, but the cowherd refused, saying that the milk was for the goddess Vasudhara. The Brahmin then went to the temple of Vasudhara and prayed with all his heart, asking for her blessings.

Vasudhara appeared before him and blessed him with a shower of gold from the falls, which filled his empty vessel. When the Brahmin returned home, he found that the gold had turned into grains, and his family had enough food to last for days. From that day on, the Brahmin and his family worshiped Vasudhara and spread her blessings to others.

It is believed that Vasudhara Falls still blesses those who visit with pure intentions. Those who offer prayers with pure hearts are believed to be blessed with prosperity and abundance in their lives. This legend reminds us of the power of faith and devotion and the blessings that come from having a pure heart.

Badrinath – Vasudhara Trek

From Badrinath, you can either trek to Vasudhara Falls or even hire a mule to reach there.

The trek is about 6 km long and takes around 3-4 hours to complete. The trail is steep and has rocky terrain, so we recommend you to wear comfortable trekking shoes and carry water and some snacks. The trek offers scenic views of the Himalayas and the Alaknanda River, making it a memorable experience.

Note: It is also advisable to check the weather conditions before planning a trip to Vasudhara Falls, as the region experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoon season, which can make the trek difficult and unsafe.

How to Reach Vasudhara Falls

  • Total distance from Badrinath to Vasudhara is 9 km. The first 3 kilometers of badrinath to Mana village is road. You can drive till here.
  • Visitors then have to trek 6 km from Mana village to reach this waterfall. But this trek is amazing and full of new experiences.
  • The trekking from Mana to Vasudhara falls takes about two hours. The first 2-3 kms are easy.
  • But, after the Saraswati Mandir, the trek becomes difficult and very steep.
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