Kuteti Devi Temple is an ancient shrine located in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. The temple is situated on the Hari Parvat about 2 Kms from Uttarkashi. Kuteti Devi is main deity of the Kot Gram Khai of Uttarkashi.

The Mythological Story Behind the Temple:

This interesting story states that once a king of Kota(Rajasthan) was visiting Gangotri and he lost his money bag on the pilgrimage. The king became very upset. The king then returned to Uttarkashi and prayed at the Vishwanath Temple. He promised to the lord to get his daughter married to any suitable boy from the village, if his bag is found.  Eventualy, a priest of the temple found his money bag with all the money. This made the king very happy, and he asked the priest to find a suitable match for his daughter. Soon, the princess was married to the boy chosen by the priest.


However, the princess was in doubt as this marriage will take her away from the family deity ‘Kuteti Devi’. The princess and her husband both prayed to the deity for the solution. The Goddess appeared in their dreams and told them that they can find her idol in their field in the form of stones. The princess and her husband found three stones with in form of Kuketi Devi in their field. After this event, the Kuteti Devi Temple was built on the place where these stones were found.

How to Reach Kuteti Devi Temple:

By Road

Uttarkashi is well connected to all cities of Utarakhand and Delhi via motorable roads.

By Train

Dehradun Railway station is the nearest from the temple. Dehradun is 145 kms away from Uttarkashi.


By Air

Jolly Grant in Dehradun is the nearest airport located 171kms from Uttarkashi. Buses and Cabs are easily available from the airport.


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