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Top 10 Things every Pahadi misses when he first lands into Dehradun

Do you remember the day, when you first left you minion refuge in the hills and moved to the city? There must be a lot of emotions running, deep down your skin. The pain of leaving your family behind, the friends and the adventuresome life of the hills. Here are the Top 10 things that every Pahadi must have missed when he first moved to Dehradun or any place, away from the hills.

1. The utterly, butterly, delicious Pahadi food:

The aroma of scrumptious Pahadi cuisines like Jholi Bhaat, Kafali Bhaat, Chainsu, Faanu, and mouth-watering Jhangore ki Kheer will remind you of the time spent in hills. Dining at a five-star hotel will never equate to the Pahadi food cooked with love, by your mother. Your taste buds will crave for it.

2. The sight of mighty Himalayan peaks from your window:

You’ll miss the time, when the glaring view of the lofty Himalayan peaks, was an everyday affair for you. The lovely sight you savoured from your room’s window, will reduce to cars and scooters honking.

3. Endless chatter with your parents in your native Pahadi language:

You will miss talking to your family and friends in your regional language. And most probably, the dialect will slip from your mouth, while talking to non-Pahadi friends. If this has happened to you then cheers! You aren’t the only one.

4. Missing your Chaddi Buddies from Village:

This is one such grave loss that you’ll regret the most. Your heart will ache on leaving your Pahadi dagdiyas (friends) behind. The crazy things you did with them like climbing on trees, playing cricket on the terrains and chasing the monkeys to flee from your farm.

5. Adventure at every two Steps:

We Pahadis are born to rule the Himalayas. From early childhood, we were set free to soar high and to explore the virgin hills. But there will be little to no adventure opportunities in the crowded cities. There’ll be madness and clutter but not, adventure. It’s a sad reality, my friend.

6. People with big Hearts:

Pahadis are seebo (simple people). They don’t play hearts, emotions and don’t lie often. However, in cities, you’ll find all types of people. They’ll be good, bad and the worse. So beware before resting your faith on someone.

7. Cute Pahadi Kids with Rosy Cheeks:

Whenever you’ll visit your friend’s house and see kids lazing around the TV. You’ll surely miss the cute, innocent kids of your village, who came rushing towards you. The gentle hugs and pecks given by them on your face will leave you with teary eyes.

8. Swimming in Gadhera:

The swimming pools of Doon will never give you the same feeling like splashing in the Gadhera (pond) of your village gave you. You are bound to miss it, as it was the time, you tried pranks on your friends. Like hiding their clothes, their slippers and shoes.

9. Bike ride on the curvy Mountain roads:

Taking your bike to map the length and breadth of the mountains, is one of the most thrilling adventures for Pahadi men. Talking to the chilly mountain winds while biking on the sultry roads, shall be missed. The rush on the city road and the maddening crowd will never allow the same experience.


10. Last but not the least, Pahadi Band (Girl):

Men will be men and they will search for beauty, whether in hills or in plains or on an isolated island. No matter how many girls they see and find beautiful. But their heart will skip a beat for Pahadi girls. They are simple, honest, hardworking, understanding and obviously beautiful.

Pragati Chauhan

I write because it keeps me sane. Mountains have taught me the art of surviving. These little pieces of writing and more are my way of expressing gratitude to my roots, my hills.

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