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Top 12 Qualities every Pahadi Girl Wants in her Future Husband

Pahadi Girls are simple. They don’t demand much but that doesn’t mean. Also, they don’t even have any high requirements. However, if you want to marry one, then be prepared. Quickly have a look at the Top 10 qualities every Pahadi Girl searches in her would be husband. Have a look, peeps! Hope it helps.

1. Strong as the Mountains:

Women hailing from the hills like to keep their priorities straight. When they can carry weight on their head, with a petite smile curling their lips. They expect their partner to be mentally and physically strong as well. Like the Himalayas “The Prism of Youth and Vitality”.

2. Sweet as Sugar:

We like to have our tea sweet. Pahadis have a sweet tooth and we expect our future husband to be gentle. He should be polite and must treat everybody with respect. No matter how small or big in stature, a person is.

3. Beauty that Meets the Eye and Soul:

He shouldn’t be plain and boring. Having beauty with no heart is a cheap bargain. Pahadi girls like guys who are handsome and soft-hearted. Average looks may work. But a guy who only bags 10 points in the looks department and 0 in virtues will never work.

4. Loyal like the sea is to the shore:

He, who is loyal to his wife will always reap success in life. They both can work together on their dreams and soar high. His dreams shall be her dreams and her dreams will be his. You work, I work and we both can make this world a better place to live in. No mind games, no scars on my fragile heart. Just pure love which you and I can usher on each other.

5. Must be Street smart:

Mountain roads are treacherous. Hence, you need to be very smart to survive against the odds. A wise man is not the one, who has immense knowledge of the world. But he, who is smart, who knows where to run when the storm blows in his direction.

6. Hardworking:

We Pahadis aren’t born with a silver spoon. Everyone must toil to survive in the hills otherwise you’ll be left behind in life. The guy must be hardworking, so both can work and build a life together. In fact, hard work with a dash of smart work is the key to success.

7. Home in the Hills:

A guy who doesn’t have a big house but a precious tiny home in the hills. To get away from the city blues that often suck the life out of us. Where you and I can breathe in the mountain air and admire the azure of stars, knitting crochet designs on the gloomy sky.

8. Adventurous as Hell:

Life is too short to waste so let’s add a pinch of adventure to it. He shouldn’t shy away from taking a break from his strict schedule, from time to time. So we both can bond with the mountains and make our love known to the stellar Himalayan peaks of Uttarakhand.

9. Who looks fine in Pahadi attire:

Well fine would be an understatement. He should look bomb in attires such as Pajyama, kurta, waistcoat, Pahadi top, and sandals. Let the crowd know that your man is one handsome person. And who you are blessed to have in your life.

10. An artist of your Life:

Well, we all know Pahadis are born talented. They are great artists, love reading, writing, singing, and painting. To have a guy who has any such quality, would make life worth living. He can also write romantic poetry to uplift the mood. Can also sing a song when nothing feels good. Moreover, he can add colours to life, which without him appears to be a lifeless painting.


11. Loves his wife and her Parents:

One who loves her parents like his. Also respects them and treats them alike. If it is a girl’s responsibility to take care of her in-laws. A boy can also do that. Let’s be respectful to each other’s parents and also make their lives wonderful. Of course, parents need love and care, and it isn’t too much to ask for. Is it?

12. Nothing matters more than a person with a Heart of Gold:

A person who has a heart of gold is rare to find. If he is one, then nothing can stop him from winning a Pahadi girl’s heart. In fact, he shall slowly steadily make his way to her heart. Good people are rare to find so aspire to be one and you shall get the love of your life.

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Pragati Chauhan

I write because it keeps me sane. Mountains have taught me the art of surviving. These little pieces of writing and more are my way of expressing gratitude to my roots, my hills.

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