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10 Things that every Pahadi pal must have Done Once

Although there are a million fun things that we Pahadis have done in life. Since living on the edge of the mountains, is itself the biggest adventure. But there are a few things that Pahadis living in the hills and in cities must have done once in life. If you can’t think of any, then here are the 10 Things that every Pahadi guy or girl must have done once in life.

1. Bumpy mountain ride:

Well nobody can deny the fact that mountain roads are treacherous. These serpentine roads meander crazily on the jagged terrains. Our non-Pahadi friends who aren’t used to it might complain. But hell yeah! We love it, man. If you are a Pahadi living away from the hills. We bet you might be missing the bumpy Roadways ride. We feel your pain.

2. Eating handful of Kafals at a single time:

For those who don’t know Kafals are small raspy berries, that grow in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand and in Nepal as well. They are sweet and tangy in flavor and is packed with goodness. It is not only good for health but for skin too because it contains antioxidants. In fact, we Pahadis love having Kafals even more than we cherish strawberries.

3. Dancing on Narendra Singh Negi Ji’s songs:

Of course, we love partying and shaking our leg on our favourite songs. Our marriages are incomplete without playing the famous regional songs. If you are a Pahadi guy or girl, you must have given a stellar performance on your favourite Pahadi singers song.

4. Sitting on the roof of the bus:

Pahadi don’t seek adventure, they make adventure out of anything. Our favourite moment while travelling to our hometown is to sit on the rooftop of the bus. Plugging the earphones in our ears. Listening to our favourite track, while the mountain breeze gently combs our hair. Of cousre, it is euphoric!

5. Singing Pahadi song for your friends:

When we make friends who don’t belong to the hills, they are fascinated by our culture. One or the other person must have asked you to sing a Pahadi song for them. And to be honest, we love doing it because it makes us feel happy and loved.

6. Electro dance on Dhol-Damau:

Our weddings are simple yet entertaining. One can see an amalgamation of culture and masti (joy). When the baraat enters, we rule the dance floor, showcasing different electro moves on Dhol-Damau (Pahadi music instrument). The DJ guy will stop playing music but the beating of drums shouldn’t stop. If the drummer gets tired, we take the lead and play it ourselves. Don’t you miss it?

7. Climbing mountains to reach your school:

Well this isn’t an old Hindi film dialogue but it is a reality for us. If you are a Pahadi, who have been raised in hills and have had your former education from your village school. You might remember traversing the hills to reach your school even in sultry hot summer, biting cold winter and during the raging monsoon season. Back then it was a regular activity for us but as you grow old, you understand the hustle.

8. Playing cricket on the terraced fields:

Normally cricket is played on a flat pitch but we are kinda different. We have played cricket in the terraced fields. It is more interesting than playing in the normal pitch. Our eyes are everywhere and the fielders are made to stand on the other bottom and the upper field since the ball can go anywhere. If you love cricket, you must visit the hills so you can bond with the locals and play cricket with them.

9. Bribing your teachers with homegrown food:

This will surely make you chuckle because most of us did this to please our master for giving more marks in the exams. For that, we brought freshly handpicked vegetables and fruits from our farm. It was a fair deal for both. Wasn’t it?

10. Catching fishes from the Gadhera:

Swimming in the Gadhera (pond) was our favourite pass time. Many of us especially went there to catch fishes, with the motive to bring them home. To keep them as a pet and watch it grow. We even made an aquarium for the fishes by using an old bucket, placing pebbles, weed, and toys in it. Have you done it too?

Pragati Chauhan

I write because it keeps me sane. Mountains have taught me the art of surviving. These little pieces of writing and more are my way of expressing gratitude to my roots, my hills.

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