“Hot water spring in Rishikesh”

Rishikund which literally means “The Pond of Sages” is a hot water spring in Rishikesh. It lies adjacent to Raghunath temple and is close to Triveni Ghat. Rishikund was used by many great sages to perform ablutions when Ganga didn’t flow nearby. This holy bathing pond was built by Kubz, a renowned saint who meditated at Triveni Ghat.

Rishikund is a famous attraction among the pilgrims who flock from different parts of the world to offer their prayers to the Goddess Yamuna. The sacred pond beams with life when the shadows of the nearby Raghunath temple dances on it. Rishikund has 10 steps on all four sides. The devotees can easily climb the stairs to take a plunge in the pond.

History of Rishikund:

It is believed that during the ancient era, Rishikund was a havan kund or a fireplace. It was here that the great sages performed Yagya to appease the Goddess Yamuna. The holy river eventually appeared there and stayed in the kund ever since. It is also believed that Lord Rama took bath in this pond during his exile.


Things to in and around Rishikund:

The devotees can take a holy bath in the hot water spring of Rishikund which is considered to be sacred. One can take beautiful pictures of the pond as it embraces the reflection of Raghunath temple on its water. The visitors can soak in the spiritually awakening aura of this place.

Have a shopping spree at the local market of Rishikesh which sells a wide range of products ranging from clothes, artifacts, religious books, Bhajan CDs, precious gems and food stalls that sell authentic Garhwali food. One can also visit some of the nearby places to Rishikund like Laxman Jhula, Ram Jhula, Triveni Ghat, G ita Bhawan

, Raghunath temple etc.

How to Reach:

Rishikund is snuggled next to Raghunath Temple in Uttarakhand. It is situated close to Triveni Ghat and can be easily accessed by shared autos or rickshaws. One can also walk on foot from Triveni Ghat to reach Rishikund as it is only 3 km away from here. Rishikesh railway station at 1 km away is the nearest railhead from Rishikund. Jolly Grant airport at 17 km away is the closest air connectivity.


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