Pithoragarh Map

Pithoragarh map consists of its 6 tehsils, namely:

  1. Pithoragarh
  2. Dharchula
  3. Munsiyari
  4. Didihat
  5. Berinag
  6. Gangolihat

Pithoragarh is Uttarakhand state’s easternmost district sitting in the lap of Himalayas. The whole region is rich in flora and fauna. The main attractions of this region are:

  • Sky touching snowy Himalayan peaks
  • High altitude meadows in Munsiyari and Dharchula region
  • Passes to navigate through the mountains
  • Glaciers and originating rivers
  • Beautiful river valleys
  • Dense forests
  • Colossal Waterfalls

Pithoragarh Map Borders:

Above Pithoragarh map shares its borders with:

Few Interesting Facts about Pithoragarh District:

  • Pithoragarh is an important region as far as tourism is concerned. It has one of the most amazing landscapes, snowfall places, treks, rivers and wildlife.
  • But unfortunately being a remote region, not many visitors visit it as compared to other hill-stations in Uttarakhand. Tanakpur railway station at 148 km away is the nearest railway station to Pithoragarh.
  • The district has many popular hill-stations such as Munsiyari, Dharchula, Askot Musk Deer Sanctuary and Gangolihat.
  • Pithoragarh also has many Hindu important Hindu shrines such as:
  • People believe that the name Pithoragarh was kept after King Pithora Chand from the Chand Dynasty.
  • You can see several ruined old temples and forts here that were once the pride of Chand Kingdom.
  • The native tribes of Pithoragarh region include: Van Rawats and Shaukas.
  • Van Rawats were hunter-gatherers and Shaukas were traders.
  • Some of the regional festivals of Pithoragarh are Aanthu, Harela and Ghughuti.
  • The district has many important historical passes to Tibet, these include,
    • Lipulekh
    • Lampia Dhura
    • Kungribingri
    • Lawe Dhura
    • Belcha
    • and Keo.
  • These passes were widely used in trading between India and Tibet.
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